Event The 18th MIST UI


[The 18th MIST Virtual Marketing Seminar and Training ー Redefining Marketing: Seizing Growth Opportunities Beyond Digital]

Hello, OptiMIST People!

The long-awaited announcement has finally come to an end. Here we are, proudly present you to The 18th MIST Virtual Seminar and Training “Redefining Marketing: Seizing Growth Opportunities Beyond Digital”

The Virtual Seminar will be held in 5 SESSIONS full of prominent figures in the marketing industry as well as the special sessions with respective companies, OVO and Bluebird.

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BOOK YOUR SEAT NOW: https://mist-febui.com/seminar/

The Virtual Training will uphold the topic of “Introduction to Personalized Marketing & Digital Marketing Metrics”, collaborating with Google Indonesia. Grab your limited early bird ticket now ONLY 35K until 21st February!

SECURE YOUR TICKET: https://mist-febui.com/training/

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through:
Tito +628119563103
Fanya +6281286537611

Stay connected with us:
LINE: @mistfebui
Instagram: @mistfebui
Twitter: @mistfebui
Facebook: MIST FEB UI

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