Are you ready for LOCOMOTION 2017?

To welcome the new year of 2017 and to celebrate the beauty of performing arts, the committee of CodeDC Productions will hold our event called



Locomotion is a dance showcase by CodeDC filled with numerous numbers of dance items. We have original dance choreographies, K-Pop covers, traditional choreographies, and guest stars!

Catch our performance on 4th of March 2017 at Gedung Kesenian Miss Tjitjih.

(optional)Guest Stars:




For more information follow @locomotion.codedc @code.dc

For purchasing tickets, please contact any of these:

Rizky – LINE: rizkysh, Whatsapp: 081299078532

Chavia – LINE: chaviakrnd, Whatsapp: 087777791002

Hana – LINE: haneskar, Whatsapp: 081374703909

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